Vium | Hotels & Resorts

Vium gives your guests the information they need to make the most of their stay.

Vium turns visitors into locals and staff into experts. Vium creates an holistic guest experience, giving them the tools they need to get to the ice machine or the speakeasy across town with ease.

Which hat are you wearing today?

From Michelin star Mediterranean, to hole-in-the-wall Haitian, to food truck fried chicken, Vium will help you track them all down like a local.

The Foodie.

Check out the day's line-up and find out where to get coffee between speakers.

The Conference Attendee.

Book your spa appointment from your phone and read reviews from other guests.

The Pampered.

For those who don't want to leave the resort grounds, pick your pool and lunch spot and sign-up for the snorkeling tour. Oh, and don't forget those release forms.

The All-Inclusive Traveler

Find the closest surf spot or learn about that local guy who leads ice-climbing tours.

The Adventurer.

Give your kids a say in the family vacation and let them find activities and map out the day.

The Kids In Tow.

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