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Vium eliminates the friction from your work day so you can focus on what you do best.
For a simpler - and safer - worklife.

Vium can rescue your intranet, build your culture, streamline your growth, reinforce organizational change, and point you in the direction of the closest hand-sanitizing station.

Which hat are you wearing today?

Keep track of room utilization rates, tech issues, and satisfaction rates for amenity spaces.

The Number Cruncher.

Find the huddle room with the fastest wi-fi, the biggest screens, and the most outlets to charge all your devices.

The Tech Head.

Tired of directing employees to their dental plan forms? Vium's easily searchable database allows employees to be more self-sufficient.

The HR Herder.

Drive change with a curated stream of news, office communication, and successes sent to every employee's phone.

The Change Champion.

Get your steps in with employee-generated walking meeting routes. Filter by route length to make sure you're back in time for your 4 o'clock meeting.

The Wellness Expert.

You know that delicious taco spot that's perfect for casual team lunches? Now you can share, tag, and review it.

The Culture Connector.

Never get lost again trying to find meeting room 6301B when you're in town for meetings.

The Remote Team.

All your onboarding documents will be in one, easily navigable place. And don't worry about finding the training room. Vium will take you there.

The Newbie.

Never run around looking for an empty huddle room. Just check Vium for a live map of available rooms. You can even find a room with that smart board you love using.

The Meeting Maniac.

Navigate The Office

Find your way. No aimless wandering required.

With Vium's real-time indoor wayfinding, your people and visitors can easily navigate your space. Whether it's conference room C304, Janice from HR's desk, or the nearest hand-sanitizing station, Vium will show you the way.

  • Real-time indoor wayfinding, no hardware required.
  • Vium detects the unique magnetic landscape of your building.
  • Navigate seamlessly between floors via the stairs or elevator.
Return Safely

Give your people the confidence and peace-of-mind they need to return to the office.

Give your people the control they need to make informed choices. With Vinny, you can see in real-time from your phone how many people are in any given spot in your office. Check if a meeting room is at capacity or see how busy the pantry is before you fill your coffee mug. .

  • See real-time space usage data.
  • Prevent spaces from going over social-distancing capacity.
  • Use analytics to make space improvements or modifications as needed.
  • Provide built-in Bluetooth beaconing for more accurate wayfinding in Vium
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27% of employees who plan to leave within the first year cite feeling “disconnected” to the organization.

Eliminate Friction

Easily book the closest conference room with the right tools - and view.

Enhance your existing scheduling system and schedule meeting rooms directly in Vium. Input your ideal parameters - size, equipment, aesthetic, - to find the room that works best for you.

  • Filter available rooms by size, A/V equipment, view, and more.
  • Read and record reviews of rooms for future reference.
  • Save your favorite rooms for quick access.
  • Don't let abandoned meetings put your rooms out of commission.

Flexible, social, and relevant.

Vium works for you, rather than the other way around.

Uncover Inefficiencies

Data-driven decisions to make your organization more efficient.

With analytics you can see how and when spaces are being used. Space reviews give you an in-depth look at what's working and what's not working and allows you to proactively manage and improve your space.

  • Explore room utilization rates.
  • Examine reviews of spaces to make improvements and modifications.
  • See the spaces being used the most to better match supply and demand.

Each four-drawer file cabinet holds an average of 10-12,000documents, takes up 9 square feet of floor space and cost $1500 per year.

Streamline Growth

Inside information your employees want and need.

Vium provides your employees the inside information that would otherwise take years to uncover. Its integrated social features allows users to make suggestions, leave reviews, and share what's important with others.

  • Leave reviews for important resources like conference rooms, A/V equipment, and more.
  • Share walking meeting routes with colleagues.
  • Show your newbies the best restaurant to make a strong client impression.
The importance of knowledge sharing
Rescue Your Intranet

One central place for everything you need.

Vium acts as an intranet replacement, which means with the tap of a few buttons you can find HR documents, reference conferencing software guides, and browse a tailored news feed.

  • Access benefits, user guides, report templates, and anything else you need.
  • Explore a tailored news feed with industry or global news.
  • Tailored news feed with company or global news.

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